About us

Rag and Magpie is an online vintage shop run from the home of a vintage enthusiast in Greenwich, London.

The bedroom and loft of this edwardian terrace house in south east London are stacked high with vintage suitcases, which are in turn crammed to bursting with vintage goodies from throughout the 20th century. Many of those cases haven't been opened in years, who know what wonderful delights are hiding inside.

Just some of you vintage dresses and coats
Vintage china from our home wares collection
Vintage threads for mending vintage clothes

What we sell

Much of what is found hiding inside those many boxes of teasure is vintage clothing, accessories and home wares dating around the mid-20th century up to the 1980s. 

We have a large selection of vintage dresses,  1950s and 1960s lingerie, and  numerous vintage coats. There are old hats, vintage handbags and lots and lots of vintage stockings. 

For the home we have a large collection of vintage china,  numberous items of original kitchenware and a heap of vintage wallpaper.

On a lucky day we find something really special, like rare lingerie dating back to the 1930s or 1940s ration book. 

Not all these items are online yet, we're adding them piece by piece. To get updates on what's new in follow us on instagram

The shopkeeper

The woman behind Rag & Magpie is Bella, graphic designer by day, vintage enthusiast around the clock. Her love of vintage fashion was bourne from growing up in the same house as her great grandmother, who in turn was a seamstress from the 1940s onward.

Coming from a family of hoarders 'magpies', I developed a fascination with old treasures and vintage style from a young age.